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"When I was diagnosed with Cancer in November 2016 it was a wake up call for me to become a student of health and wellness. Since that day I was confronted with the ‘C’ word, the Lord has taken me on an adventure in which I have become serious about reorienting my life along a pathway towards wellness. While there is no medical cure for my cancer,  through regular exercise and a radical change in my diet, within six months I now enjoy a level of renewed health not experienced in the past 25 years. I applaud Stan and the health project. Each year our pastors share their number one concern is that of a lack of physical wellness. Here is a practical focus to help us all move toward our desired goal!"


"Just to let you know how we are doing. It is now just over a week ago we attended your workshop.  We started with Habit 1 and Habit 8.  We reduced the amount of coffee we were drinking and have begun to look more critical at the food we eat.  Changing over to  more healthy food will take some time. For exercises we use the  fitness room, the stairs in our tower and some stretching.  Your  reference that our bodies are created by a loving God convinced us to change our life style."


"I love desserts and was raised in a family where lunch and supper was followed by dessert.  Old Habit.  I have found delight in natural sweets especially mangos and your cocoa energy bite recipe.  The workshop gave a way to plan and be accountable for what I put in my mouth.  Forming good habits can change my life. I feel more in control of my life…like I am winning. Thanks for the great workshop."  


"I have taken three steps:
Wake up at a regular time to take my dog for a 1.5 km walk every morning.
Portion control (keep it to one) at meal times and in the evening.
Limit use of disposable coffee cups as much as possible."

"As a direct result of your Prayer Retreat seminar and the subsequent guide, I tried some intermittent fasting.  Debra and I have been attempting to move completely away from any refined sugars and have been doing pretty good with it.  I am slowly growing my exercise piece, while also slowly reducing my eating piece and eating somewhat healthier.  Thanks for the inspiration, the advice and the accountability!"


"The main change since prayer retreat is the type, frequency and amount of food I have been eating. Since prayer retreat I have been eating less sugar and simplifying my eating to whole foods."

"My wife and I are beginning to take concrete steps to improve our health following your workshop . We were truly blessed to have been in your workshop . Just a few changes in our lives we are  committing to ; daily water intake , wiser food shopping , power breakfast ( me ) using your recipe , daily exercise on our treadmill , getting into habit forming healthy routines. Please put us on your email list . Thank you so much , again , for your mission to teach us to treat our bodies as God instructs us to."

"I have continued to challenge myself in my eating and exercise, I have found out so much about myself and the ability of my body to heal itself.  I have forgotten what it feels like to have headaches (never would have dreamed of this)  my body was truly trying to tell me something with all those headaches and I ignored it for years!  Since last April I stepped things up and started to eat very clean and avoid most processed/refined foods and  I have challenged myself to work out daily.  (Lost another 30 lbs).  I feel stronger than I have in years and my kids recently said that they see a huge change in me as well….so motivating!"

"Right away we put several small steps.  A plant based diet is probably 90% of what I’m eating now. We both feel better.  I committed to getting to bed earlier as sleep is a huge thing that was missing for me. Probably the most exciting thing for me has been the small impact Health Project has made on a few colleagues of mine at church. I’m thinking I might make something official with this small group of staff to do together. This has been the first time we’ve 'stuck with' something."









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